David Rowan – 10 Tech Disruptions to Watch out for !

David Rowan , the editor of Wired UK was in Bangalore recently to deliver a keynote speech at the launch of K-Start , a startup incubator managed by Kaalari Capital. The Tech Guru spoke about the latest Trends in Technology and the impact they are having on our daily lives.  He provided succinct examples on how exactly new technologies are services are disrupting the world economy.

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David Rowan delivers his talk on High Technology Disruption at Bangalore, India.

Given below are some key takeaways from his well received talk.

In the last century innovation moved in a linear way. but we now live in an exponential era, where innovation and scale occurs more rapidly aided by technology, collaboration and large market potentials. For instance no company in the last century could have imagined having a billion clients. Today Facebook, Whatsapp and Gmail, all have more than a billion monthly active users.

  • The speed at which consumers are adopting new technology
    is accelerating.
  • If you want your product or service to connect with people think in “Human” terms.
  • Add Artificial Intelligence to everything, that’s the way forward.
  • The Internet of Things is a US$ 15 Trillion opportunity waiting for entrepreneurs.
  • Services both online and offline are getting really personal, in fact there is a merging of these two once disparate worlds at key intersections.
  • Designed experiences always win. Add sensors to everything.
  • In the future , consumers will pay to be secure.
  • Mobile is redefining Human Behavior around the globe.
  • Mobile First – Across the developing world more and more users are accessing the Internet for the first time through their mobile devices completely bypassing desktop machines and PC’s.
  • 4G Networks rolling out across the world will have a significant impact over the next the 2-3 years. High bandwidth has the potential for new services on mobile that were previously not possible.
  • No Sector is immune from disruption. In the past year Journalists  have joined  the long list of human professions that are being taken over by robots and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Last but not the least, Keep Questioning everything !

These are some of the key points he mentioned but I have barely managed to capture the gist of his talk.  The video of the talk he delivered in Bangalore is not yet accessible online but a similar one he delivered in Washington D.C a few months ago is available. If you are interested in viewing his talk, check out the video below :

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