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iMotions Launches Behavioral Research Learning Academy

iMotions, a biometric research startup last week announced the launch of it’s online academy for researchers. The company has developed a Bio-metric research platform equipped with multiple hardware systems & bio-metric sensors for use in research. For an overview of their product you can view the video below :

The iMotions Academy has made available several modules which can help Ph.D researchers in doing behavioral research. iMotions provides facial expression tracking, galvanic skin response recording and electroencephalography (EEG) on a single software platform. The company also has API’s which enable integration of data from any third party sensorimotionsFounded in 2005, the company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Of late it’s plug and play sensors have gained popularity among researchers looking to record biological responses to different types of stimuli such as images, videos, websites etc. The company’s software suite is currently being used by researchers in Harvard and Stanford University. Their suite is also being used by several consumer product marketing companies like P& G and Neilson for conducting research on consumer satisfaction.

At the academy you learn about the best practices in the bio-metric research while mastering the iMotions platform. Students also get to complete a full-scale research project which involves formulating the research design, collecting data and interpretation.

You can enroll and explore their offerings at


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