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A month after Elon Musk announced the launch of Neuralink, the company has advertised for numerous open positions at the company. Neuralink has a grand vision of developing a “neural lace” which would allow individuals to connect directly to a machine through their brain and bypass physical interfaces currently in vogue like gaming headsets (Oculus Rift). The company is just a month old but has already captured the imagination of Silicon Valley even though it is not the only firm engaged in trying to computerize the human brain.

The jobs which are all based in San Francisco have been advertised for a diverse list of positions and ranges from positions for Biomedical Engineers to Polymer Scientists. Interestingly the company has stated that experience is not a prerequisite for landing a job, they are instead keen that you demonstrate exceptional ability and have a proven track record in fabricating products that work.

The positions which have already uploaded since the last week might already have received an overwhelming response. So you might just want to hurry up and send in your resumes before they close these positions. You can expect to take home a salary in excess of US$ 15,000 per month along with ESOP’s.

You can apply for the jobs at at the links below : 

Microfabrication Engineer (MEMS & Sensors) Job Profile

Lead development and creation of radical biological probes based on thin film and polymer systems.

Mechatronics Engineer Job Profile

Be involved in fabrication and testing of next generation medical robotics. Experience in projects on micro-scale devices expected.

Polymer Scientist No longer accepting applications, position is filled.


Medical Device Engineer Job Profile

Must have experience in designing medical implant devices. Knowledge of advanced ceramic materials a plus.

Electrochemist Job Profile

Develop new conductive films and inks and carry out rigorous failure analysis on micro-devices.

Analog & Mixed-signal Engineer Job Profile

Candidates with advanced degrees in electrical engineering with experience in circuit design can apply at the link below

Software Engineer, Embedded Systems & Firmware Job Profile

Software product management and writing code that connects high level software and biomedical devices.

Software Engineer, Infrastructure & Tooling Job Profile

Software engineers with experience in building petabyte scale systems to house data generated by the neuroscience division.

Principal Scientist, Advanced Interfaces Job Profile

Serve as the leader for projects based on nano-scale biomedical devices for recording and manipulation of neural activity.

Senior Scientist, Brain-Machine Interfacing Job Profile

Develop innovative BMI’s while working on the design and testing. The job offers the unique opportunity to create powerful new brain machine interface (BMI) devices.

Biomedical Engineer Job Profile

Biomedical engineer with background in brain cellular architecture and specialization in blood bran barrier.

Microelectronics Packaging Engineer Job Profile

This person will be tasked with the development and testing of different forms of microelectronics.

Hardware Systems Integration Engineer Job Profile

Will serve as the principal lead for design of systems and hardware synthesis for new types of medical devices.

Lab Technician Job Profile

Experience in biology and chemistry is a must and can take part in contributing to device development.

Senior Scientist, Neuroscience Job Profile

Work on deciphering neural coding in different brain circuits. Neuroscientists from any area of neuroscience are welcome.

Senior Technician for Immunohistochemistry Job Profile

The technician will work on creation of nano-scale implants that can implanted in the brain through blood vessels.

Software Engineer, Medical Imaging Job Profile

Would work with global team to develop software for control of medical robots.

The company’s website :

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