Proclaim DRG Stimulator : Review

Earlier this year Abbot (now known as St Jude Medical), a global healthcare giant announced the launch of it’s Neurostimulation product aimed at the European markets. Called the Proclaim DRG Neurostimulation System, the device helps individuals control pain by sending electric signals to the Dorsal Root Ganglion(DRG) which is responsible for moderating pain signals generated in the spine. The company’s product has seen widespread demand and is the first of a slew of neuromodulation products expected to hit the European markets this year.

The DRG Neurostimulator is a prime example of how neurostimulation is going mainstream with growing acceptance among practitioners and patients. The device can be controlled through an iPad and needs to be first implanted in your body. Once implanted along your spine you can control it via your iPhone. When switched on the device sends several weak electrical pulses to the nerves which drastically reduces the pain being felt by a person. This device is ideally for individuals suffering from chronic pain. For a brief overview on how the product works take a look at the video below.

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