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Social Robotics Workshop Held At Bangor University

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A workshop on Social Robotics was organized by Bangor University at it’s campus in Wales on 17th and 18th August 2017. Social robotics is an emerging field where interaction between robots, humans and other elements of their environment is studied. Organised by Prof Emily S Cross and Ruud Hortensius, the event saw neuroscientists, psychologists and roboticists converge for two days of talks and poster sessions

The workshop is aimed at initiating dialogue between researchers from cross-disciplinary fields on the exciting possibilities in human robot interaction. This workshop is the third in a series of workshops on Social Cognition being organized across the UK. The first one was held at the University of Surrey in 2014 followed by another one at Bangor University in 2015. 

Some key topics that speakers spoke about are:

  • How to develop face to face conversation with socially intelligent robots.
  • Building tactile maps for robot sensors.
  • Interactions between children and robots.
  • Neuroergonomic social robots.

Pictures of the event follow below:




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